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Gerald Morris, recs and icons

Icons from Camelot Starz (the pics are from the first look and the first trailer and I used the screencaps taken by lancelotfan) and Sword of Lancelot.

image  image  image

Icons here )

And yes,I'm still looking for arthurian recs. These are the author I read (or know about and want to read): White, Cornwell, Gerald Morris, Jack Whyte, Zimmer Bradley, Bradshaw, Wein, Phyllis Ann Karr, Godwin, David Peter, Joan Wolf, Stewart, Baldry Cherith, C. Fisher, Sutcliff, Nancy McKenzie, Peter Hanratty, Steinbeck, Twain, Tennyson, Douglas Clegg, Sarah Zettel, Thomas Berger, Catherine Christian, Lowder, Cochran Molly, McDowell.
Do you know other good arthurian author/book?
And I heard about the novel "The Pendragon" (Christian Catherine) and "Arthur Rex" (Berger Thomas)... I was wondering how are these books because I read wonderful reviews on amazon.
The last question: How is the character of Mordred in the Squire's series of Gerald Morris?
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